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Rua De Beto Leste, Beto, Comoro, Dili, Timor-Leste​

From the airport round-about, going towards Dili, when you come to the big Comoro Bridge, turn off to the left just before going over the bridge. After 50m turn left onto Rua De Beto Leste (there is a street sign!). You should be heading in a direction going straight toward the sea (north) and on the western side of the Comoro River. Continue straight down this road, onto a dirt road. After about 200m of dirt you should see the sign on the left "Kadi Kapasidade". Turn in there.

If you go too far, after about 100m you'll drive past a big metal fence entry and see the river-end of the airport runway on your left. This is the road down to 'Cemetry Beach'. Turn around and come back!

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