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Building Capacity through training opportunities

Kadi Kapasidade's primary objective is to assist the local Timorese churches. We provide training especially for those engaged in church ministry. We also provide training in other areas such as agriculture, sewing and health.

Music &
Recording Studio

We love music! We have a cool recording studio and make our recordings available on YouTube. The New Testament was recorded and a video on the Gospel of John is available.

Scripture Resources
Kadi Bible

Kadi Kapasidade collates and supplies scripture resources across Timor-Leste. We have translated the Bible and make it available in printed and digital format.

Sharpening Capacity

Kadi Kapasidade is focussed on sharpening the capacity of Timorese. We operate the School of Christian Ministry, coordinate the translation of the Bible into Tetun Dili and are investigating methods of improving small scale chicken production. We support the churches of Timor-Leste with resource development and operate a recording studio. We also promote a number of appropriate innovations for households such as water filter systems, simple food grinders and washable women's sanitary pads. We work to connect innovative, simple and effective solutions to those who need it most. 

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