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Chicken Pen Program


After 8 years of fluffing around on chickens we've decided to get serious on this problem. 1000's of chickens are lost each year through predation, theft and disease. A farmer can lose 90% of live chickens each year. We want to cut that figure down to 10% and increase chicken production around the country. Of course, the outcome is increased economy and good health with all those yummy eggs.

Increasing Corn Productivity

By making simple changes to traditional methods of growing corn, we can double corn production. Conservation agriculture, plant density, soil condition, improved varieties are all factors to be considered. We also invest significant energy into reducing labour throughout the production from preparation to getting into the kitchen.

Drinking Water 

We want to change the NGO landscape on their approach to water. It's time to assist communities to access and maintain clean and drinkable water free from nasty bacteria and other critters that cause disease. Our staff spear-headed research into appropriate water filter systems. We provided this technology to another organisation, Nazareth Foundation. Together, we have delivered 1000's of systems to NGOs and communities around the country.

Our Programs


As well as a range of training opportunities we engage with Timorese households in developing ways to improve livelihoods. We love identifying appropriate technology, testing, modifying and releasing it to communities. Here are a few of our activities.

We are involved in a number of other projects - watch this space ...

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